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Alva Musa was born out of a long journey in the High End furniture industry. This is the journey that defines our DNA and what we stand for as a brand. It was from this experience that grew the need to create something unique and special, that provides a new design vision to those who are looking for something new. Alva Musa is more than a brand, it is a statement and a bridge that will allow you to experience a new way of living.

tales of craftsmanship

More than a brand, a new design vision. A new pathway into the design world.


We believe that only the combination between a good design and high quality materials will create an outstanding piece of furniture. So, our mission is to create and produce exquisite and unique pieces that will leave anyone impressed and captivated. Our outstanding production and craftsmanship are the rock that we aim to leave in this path.

tales of craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is in our DNA.

Leave your own mark

With our craftmanship and expertise, the choices are endless. Our team would be very happy to assist you during the process of leaving your own mark in any one of our pieces, creating an unique and customized piece. From the measures to the materials, each one of our pieces can be customized in order to perfectly suit your needs and reflect your personal vision.

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