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Top 3 eye catching colour combination

To have an outstanding house everything has to be predicted and balanced to have the perfect ambiance.

Alva Musa wants to help you in all the process of decorating a room, that we know can be stressful. So to relax a bit we create a list of the best color combination of colours.

For that, we prepare a top 3 list of the most desirable combination of colours.

1. Brown, Blue and White

We believe that this combination of colours, Brown, Blue, and White, is the arrange that you can work with more spectrum of variations.

In other words, you can combine the colours with materials, for example, brown with wood spots in a room like on the floor, frames in walls, decor, etc…, with white fabrics applications and a blue in a metal structure for example.

This combination never can go wrong, you are free to play and always will have an outstanding result.

2. Grey, Black and Cream (Pearl)

Black and Grey are the safest colors to apply and use in interior design. However, it’s a dangerous path because if you go too far it will turn your room into a heavy look.

We think the cream (pearl) when used in combination with black and grey, turns the room more enjoyable and cozier, without losing the luxury aspect that darker colors have.

For that, you can use cream fabrics, wood, or even notes of jute that will always make a difference.

3. Green, Brown Salmon and Gold

If you like a lighter ambiance this combination is a perfect choice, because these three colours bring a joyful statement to any room.

Gold notes will bring the luxury style, the brown salmon a funny and light look, and the green the peaceful fact that will combine all the colours and aspects.

These are the top 3 combinations in our opinion that never going to fail in any project in your house.

However we always say be true to yourself, your personality, your style and everything will be perfects, because it’s gonna reflex the real you.

So in all the process of decoration if you stay truth to yourself you always gonna like the final result. Then our most important advise is keep it real, keep it loyal to yourself.

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